Eight Photos Project

In a conscious effort to curate my images, I started to select eight photos from the dozens and sometimes hundreds of digital files taken on various photographic trips – whether a family outing, holiday or as part of a more serious project.

In a digital age where tens of thousands of images are posted to social media channels each minute, there seems to be the need to carefully select images that will stand the test of time and somehow ‘survive’ through the years.

Eight Photos is a collection of the images that have been chosen and printed to date – pictures that reflect my curiosity of the world around me. It is an ongoing project and new galleries are added each week as I work through an archive of photographs built up over the years. Every now and then single images are posted in ‘From the Archives’ and ‘Personal’ to document current and past projects.

The Photographer

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, I moved to England as a young child where I grew up in the South East. Following an extended period of travel I settled in Shanghai at the start of the new millennium and spent the following years working, raising a family, and exploring the country and its neighbours.

I live in the suburbs of Shanghai with my wife and three children. I still find time to take photographs, to discover China and new places.


A mix of Canon SLRs over the years and more recently the Fujifilm X Series cameras. Several years ago I bought the XE1 together with a fast prime – the 35mm 1.4 lens. It proved to be a good travel and family camera, lightweight, discreet, and with excellent image quality.


Please get in touch via the contact form if you’d like any information about the photographs or any of the locations shown in the photos.

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